The Worst Hiking Shoes from Why You Shouldn't Order Them

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

I thought to myself surely if I order a pair of 6 GBP hiking shoes from surely they cannot be that bad. I was wrong so wrong. Why you should not order hiking shoes


Look at that picture again. Just look at it again. Do you see the awful things I am standing on in that picture. The photo is the local trail at my home in Glasgow. The shoe pictured are about a size Uk 10. When in reality I was expecting a snug UK size 8. I have 0 ankle support and the sole is not done well. This hurts my ankles. The picture of the shoe on shows this designer like footwear can only be the reason I can think of for people to buy this shoe. What you get with this shoe: 1. Apre-made shoe with no cushioning and a very short width. 2. It is 6" long. 3. An awful uncomfortable sole. 4. No box just a bag lol. What to look for in hiking shoes

Choose comfortable shoes that don’t pinch your feet. Wear hiking shoes as rarely as possible. Don’t wear hiking shoes when you’re walking around in the city. Wear them at the office. They are supposed to make you stand up straight and you want to keep your shoes clean and tidy at all times. The shoes I ordered from really were extremely deadly to the soles. But here’s the deal. Their shoes are at the very least 2 sizes too big for my foot (which is totally brutal, I think the next size down will fit better but it might take a few tries), and they were extremely loose. How to choose the right shoes for your needs

I started with a list of 15 shoes I thought would be suitable for a guy who was going to be tramping all over the mountain trails in the forest. Some of the cheaper options were better than expected, but most were simply not suitable. Here are my findings (with more explanation on a few later on): Cat 3 Alpine hiking shoes Cat 3 hiking boots Cat 5 water shoes Triumph Solo hiking boots Pilas Climbing Boots Andro Duel climbing shoes Big Agnes K2 Extreme hiking boots Inov8 Torin shoe Ovation Echo Everest (review coming soon!) Covelli Balance Wave hiking shoes Inov8 Traverse hiking shoes Norinco 15 boots Forefoot Evolution cross trainer boots Vibram FiveFingers Speed Like I said, I was wrong, so wrong! The first three are the ones I ordered. In all fairness, they were only 6 GBP maybe I was expecting too much.

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